88. Oboth
Lexical Summary
Oboth: "water-skins", a place in Edom
Original Word: אֹבֹת
Transliteration: Oboth
Phonetic Spelling: (o-both')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: "water-skins", a place in Edom
Meaning: Oboth -- "water-skins", a place in Edom
Strong's Concordance

Plural of 'owb; water-skins; Oboth, a place in the Desert -- Oboth.

see HEBREW 'owb


H88. Oboth

אֹבֹתproper name, of a location (water-skins) station of Israel in wilderness Numbers 21:10; Numbers 34:43; not yet determined, probably on eastern skirts of Idumea not far from Moab; accusative to Wetzst in DeCt 168 Wêba, in the Arabah, but identification not probably; compare Di on 21:10.

אוד‎ (be curved, bent, also transitive burden, oppress, compare Arabic ).


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